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This is a test video game I have constructed in Game Maker Studio to test weapons and projectile systems, as well as experimental AI and particle systems alongside research for more effective programming and software coding. A.K.A "shoot the spawning birds for meaningless points, the game". This is very quick and mostly a test upload for Itch.io, so I apologize there is no menu or options.

Possible volume warning: Sounds may be a bit loud depending on your computer, I highly recommend turning it down on your mixer or lowering your volume before playing.


A/D keys to move left and right to collect ammo.
Left Click/Left Mouse Button to shoot current weapon.
Number keys 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, to switch weapons, you have 6, remember to switch em' around when you run out or are low.
R key to restart at any point.

Known issues/things you may notice:

The shotgun pellets unfortunately don't line up with the barrel tip, they instead come from his thighs, but this is due to some of GM's lengthdir_x, lengthdir_y stuff which is needed to create the spread effect, but it isn't the most noticeable thing.

Your dog (lovingly named Sparky) occasionally does some weird ghost stuff and floats after an aircraft explosion. This is rare, but has occurred once or twice during testing.

The minigun doesn't line up 100% either, but again, this is needed to make it work, I might be able to fix it later, I'll see what I can do.

When the game restarts, sometimes it doesn't stop the rain sound, a quick restart again will stop it.

Feel free to report any other errors to me.

Install instructions

The game was made in Game Maker: Studio (Free Edition), it is a single runtime executable, so once you download it you do not need to install anything, just click the icon and it should run correctly. The folder with all of the game's assets and a read me file (the same as the game's description above) is included.


Overkill Simulator 2017 Build Version 9102016.exe 18 MB

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